Meet Our Pastor

Pastor.PettifordPastor (Elder) Anthony D. Pettiford Sr.

Pastor Anthony Pettiford was born in St. Louis, Missouri is the oldest of five children from the union of the late John Henry and Freddie Arnell Pettiford. The church has been part of his entire life, starting with being a Pastor Grandkid under his grandfather District Elder John H. Pettiford Sr., to a pastor kid under his father Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford Jr., to now the current pastor of HOPTAN.

He was baptized October 18, 1971 and filled with the Holy Ghost April 28, 1971 at House of Prayer to All Nations (HOPTAN) under the pastorship of first his grandfather and finally is father. He has spent his years occupying several positions such as janitor (family), band member (saxophone, piano, organ), music ministry (choir president), Sunday school teacher (young adult class), van driver, building administrator, IT technical advisor, deacon board (secretary), leadership board (member, president), executive board (member, chairman), church business administrator, pulpit minister, interim pastor, and responsible for several other non-titled positions and task. He has participated in every aspect of the natural, financial, and spiritual parts of HOPTAN operations … all under the guidance and/or training of the late Suffragan Bishop John H. Pettiford.

Pastor Anthony Pettiford faithfully attends and supports the Midwestern District Council (MDC) in St. Louis, Missouri where he spent a year as a financial audit advisor, 2 years as assistant treasurer, and currently holding the treasurer position. He has attended several conventions of the Pentecostal Assembly of the World (PAW). It was such a convention (2008) that Pastor met his love 1st Lady Tina Pettiford, which in turn resulted in them uniting and becoming one on October 10, 2010 (10.10.10) at Bethesda Temple by Bishop James A Johnson in St. Louis, Missouri.

By appointment of his father, he was appointed project manager and CIO of the ministry “House Of Prayer Christian Academy (HOPCA) Family & Community Center (FACC)”, were he has currently taken the helm as CEO. HOPCA is in its infancy with the target of becoming a 12-fold business ministry which will ultimately address multiple care services such as child care, senior care, family care, academy care, book care, IT care, facility care, community care, real-estate care, mentor care, outreach care, and studio care. It’s ultimate goal is to act as an incubator of family support, community services, business development, career enhancements, and job creation.

Pastor Anthony Pettiford ministry is in spiritual guidance, church operations, and ministry building. He is a licensed elder and has been ordained July 2010 council by the PAW, inc. … were he made a perfect score on the final MDC testing. On 3rd October 2010, he was appointed by the executive board the interim chair, church business administrator, and interim Pastor of the House of Prayer to All Nations. He was elected as permanent pastor 14th November 2010 and was installed on 9th April 2011 by Bishop Charles Ellis III, Presiding Bishop of the P.A.W.

Professionally, he is a 25+ year employee of Department of Defense at Scott AFB, IL currently a computer system engineer for the USAF. His formal education includes a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (with Computer Science emphasis); a M.S. degree in Mathematics (with Computer Science emphasis); a 2nd M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering (with Computer Systems emphasis), and a 3rd M.S. degree in Business Administration (with Technology Management emphasis) … striving for a CIO/CTO position, providing CXO knowledge. I have an exhaustive list of “professional military education” training that has been instrumental in leading to past / present / future certifications in many technical areas. Ultimately, to God be the glory for all the things that he has done in my life … as I strive to find HIS will in my life.


Humbly submitted,

Elder Anthony D Pettiford Sr.,

Pastor, House of Prayer To All Nations Inc (PAW)



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