Our Mission

The Light House

Since 1952, the House of Prayer To All Nations Church has stood as a beacon of hope in East Saint Louis and the surrounding suburban areas. Since our inception, House of Prayer to All Nations, (HOPTAN), has held steadfast in our main mission of winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

HOPTAN is a church that works to bring “holistic” salvation to its members and its community, through teaching and ministering the unadulterated Word of God. HOPTAN has several outreach programs that help promote our goal. These programs include:

  • Door-to-Door ministry
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Nursing Home Ministry
  • Convalescent Ministry
  • Summer Tent Ministry

Along with these ministries, we have several in-house ministries such as the Helping Hands, Sunday school, Big Brother & Big Sister; Singles Ministries, Youth Ministries, and other Auxiliaries to meet the needs of both, the community and the congregation.

So, as we always say, “Come with us and we will do you good!”